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Global Investment Themes: Slowdowns, America, Asia and Macau

Bloomberg TV UK and Bloomberg Television Deutschland
12:339 and 13:15, respectively

Global Investment Themes: North Korea, Japan and China

Bloomberg UK and Bloomberg Deutschland Television
12:39 and 13:15 Hong Kong time

China: Corruption Headlines and the Economic Time

Do you want another "take" on recent headlines?

USA: Amaranth Foretells and a Worsening Economic Time

Amaranth, MotherRock, Mount Kisco, Aneas Capital Management, Pirate Capital...the beat goes on....

Global Investment Themes: Thailand, Japan and the US Markets

11:40 AM HK time

Global Investment Themes: The Fed, Amaranth, MNCs and China's Trade Surplus, and Japan's Demise

Bloomberg Televsion UK and Bloomberg Television Deutschland
12:39 (UK) and 13:15 (Germany) Hong Kong time

USA: Worsening Economic Time

Hate to say "I told you so", but we did: America's Economic Time ® is worsening, so profits have to decelerate...

Thailand: Coup Thoughts (II) - Still Not Time to Buy!

A coup with a desireable outcome is not a good enough reason to buy...

Thailand: Coup Thoughts

Regardless of coups: Thailand's Economic Time® has not improved.

Global Investment Themes: Global Growth and Secr. Paulson's Fight with Washington Dealers

Bloomberg UK Television
12:39 HK Time